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From the booklet "The first festival of russian culture in New York"
New York, Oktober 26-31, 2004

Alla Demidova

Alla Demidova

ALLA DEMIDOVA, a graduate from the School of Economics at Moscow State University and Schukin Theatre School, became a leading actress in the Moscow Taganka Drama and Comedy Theatre. Her film roles included: "The daytime stars", "The Living Corpse" (1968), "The Shield and the Sword" (1968), "The Seagull" (1970), "The Mirror" (1974), "Father Sergius" (1978), "A Glass of Water" (1979), "Queen of Spades" (1982), "The Possessed" (1992) and others. Her Theatre roles include the following leads in the Taganka Theatre plays: "Hamlet" (Gertrud), "Three Sisters" (Masha), "Pheadra" (Pheadra), "The Cherry Garden" (Ranevskaya), "Boris Godunov" (Marina Mnishek) and others.

In 1993 she created Theatre "A" where the Greek director Theodor Terzopulos successfully staged for Demidova the plays "The Quartet," "Medea-Material" and "Hamlet. A Lesson." She is a writer and performer for poetry programs on TV and of literary and music compositions based on "Requiem", the poem by Anna Akhmatova performed together with "Moscow Virtuosi" ensemble. The actress' work is widely recognized in Russia and internationally, and she has been the recipient of many awards and prizes. Alia Demidova who has become a legend of the Taganka Theatre, is an actress who is Theatre herself. In her brilliant performance of "Pheadra" with Dmitry Pevtsov in her Theatre "A" the two drew skillfully on an empty stage the bewitching and enigmatic patterns of Marina Tsvetaeva's verses and Greek passions. Then there was "Medea" staged by the Greek director Terzopulos. And "Hamlet" - long-dreamt of and finally played by Demidova. These plays were forcefully applauded by audiences in Greece, Japan and Turkey. Alia Demidova is undeniably an outstanding, bright individual, both on stage and in life. She can present herself as finely harmonious, silent, or can appear extravagant and unpre-dictably shocking. As a famous actress whose name is often spoken of with admiration, she insists that she has no gift at all, and that her stage life has been determined by fate. In no case will she admit to being a star and will assure you that she has no desire to meet with the audience or appear in any play. She has even made the shocking statement that she has long lost interest in playing women: "Neither old ones, nor young ones... they have all been played over and over again and lived through... but the world of the man's mentality is like a flight to another planet."

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