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 Irina Borcova September 29, 2020 
Дорогая Алла Сергеевна,

Группа "Цитадель знаний" на Facebook сегодня, 29 сентября, сердечно поздравляет Вас с Днем рождения.

С уважением и пожеланием
крепкого здоровья.
 Andrew Sothow August 23, 2017 
Алла Сергеевна, большое спасибо Вам за Ваше творчество и великодуше, и те силы, которые вы отдаете поэтам Серебрянного Века. Этим Вы невроятно улучшаете жизнь людей, и в этом смысле делаете больше для них, чем кто-либо в данный момент. If you ever have a second of your time, please e:mail me a line -- this idea of Akhmatova movie is wonderful.
 Лариса July10, 2012 
Здравствуйте, Алла Сергеевна!

Смотрю и пересматриваю ваш мастер класс.
Знаю, что вы не любите комплименты, поэтому я их и не пишу...
Кстати, мне понравился ваш живописный портрет.
Хотя, я как художник, работаю в ином стиле.
Вот моя страница на facebook...

 Ralf Treimann January 26, 2011 
What a interesting and beautiful person. Where can I order her books?
Editors of the site
Good afternoon, Ralf!
Alla Demidova's books haven't been translated in foreign languages (there is only a transfer into some languages of the book about Vladimir Vysotsky). Some of books you can buy on the site www.ozon.ru.
 Tigran Mikayelyan August 13, 2010 
El viento venia rojo

por el collado encendido

y se ha puesto verde, verde
por el rio.

Luego se pondra violeta,

amarillo y...

Sera sobre los sembrados

un arco iris tendido.

P.S.: Velikaya raduga krasoty, talanta, uma i strasti v groznom cherno-belom oblichii mudrosti!!!
 robert friel November 13, 2006 
Dobra don Alla,
Watching Swan Lake performed by the Kirov ballet troupe in Boston yesterday - I thought of you and my Muscovite friends. The performance was marvelous; delicate in its nuances, hauntingly beautiful, dynamic of presence and flowing like only Tchiakovsky permits.
The good news is that I will be visiting the Motherland from mid January until March. I have special gift from Tom Butler. I will contact you when I get to Moscow - I am going to work on my Russian.
Hope this note finds you in good health, widom beyond your years and a smile from the great spirits.
Robert Jamesovich
 John October 03, 2006 
It's very interesting site!
 robert friel March 28, 2006 
thought you may like this website-only good memories of our time with a good one-Do you know I met her on the street and I had a 12&12 in Russian with me-she had requested a copy. Hear we are in a snow storm hugging like long lost souls and 2 of my students are in shock-How do you know her?
Alla Demidova
Hello Bob,

Thank you very much for your kind message. I am delighted that you, Tom and Jim still remember me.

I am not sure I take some details of your message correctly but anyways thank you again.

Sincerely yours,

Alla Demidova
 robert friel March 10, 2006 
To the first lady of Russia-a warm hello from long lost friend. Only fond memories of our last meeting on Moscow ulitsa. We think of you fondly in Boston oblast. Your troika friends-Tom, Jim&Bob-give our best to Tolly and congratulations on your recent award-you just get better!
   Bob Friel
 Tatyana Elmanovich December 12, 2005 
I found this site fascinating. Russia is the land of poets and poetic perception of life, no matter how difficult or unfair it is. And this site confirms it over and over again.
My best regards to Alla Demidova,
 Karas December 06, 2005 
Dear sirs,
I am very pleased to have found this site, and I hope you can transmit to Madam Alla that here in Portugal, where I live and work, she is a continuous source of inspiration, not only for me but all of those who have had the privilege to testemony her art. And I only hope we can experience once more that prilege, soon. With my warmest regards,
a whisteling admirer,
 Runo Vatingan October 03, 2005 
Dear authors of this site,
Can you help me with the publisher of the book about Vladimir Vysotsky? It would be great honour to put this book about the great artist into Estonian. Thank you in advance!!
 Marianna Reikher June 22, 2005 
Thank you for the wonderful site.
Could you please let me know where I could buy the books written by Alla Demidova (in Russian).
Thank you,
Editors of the site
You can try to find some of these books in big Moscow's bookshops such as "Moskva", "Dom knigi na Novom Arbate", "Biblioglobus na Lubjanke". Thank you and stay with us.


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